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Chelann Again

May 16, 2023

Is your business draining the life out of you? 


Do you feel like throwing in the towel?


So did Kaila.


Until she remodeled her whole business to align with the energetics of herself and her team. 


I have over three pages of notes from this episode because it’s so powerful.


We Breakdown:

  • How to navigate the integrations that happen after huge identity shifts

  • Human design - the different types, what they do, etc

  • How Kaila remodeled her business to be RIGHT for her

  • How creativity may be your missing link

  • Going through big life changes and how to navigate it 


It’s time to remember that as a business owner, you get to choose how your business looks.


This episode will give you a roadmap on where, to begin with that “remodel” that you so desperately need.


As always, sending you so much love. <3 


Music credit: @earthto7ky


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